Monday, September 06, 2010

Muscle Milk White Chocolate Mousse Review

Taste - 10/10 - Very nice. This definitely has a white chocolate taste going on to it along with a vanilla cake flavor. The creamy texture along with the white chocolate taste mixed in make it really delicious and the more I sip the more creamy white chocolate I taste. Its base flavor reminds me a bit of the cake batters vanallia but that white chocolate flavor and texture mixed in sticks out slightly more.

I really like this as I'm sipping on it. Much better then cake batter which was a bit too sweet and not cakey enough, this one has to get a 10 from me because I am impressed as hell. For not being a real chocolate flavor (you know the dark stuff) this is incredibly delicious.

The white chocolate is not too overpowering either and the blend of this vanilla cake like flavor & white chocolate seem to compliment each other with the white chocolate flavor being a bit stronger like mentioned. This is right now is the best "vanilla" flavor I've ever had.

Texture - 9.5/10 - As usual, Muscle Milk packs an awesome texture as is.. Creamy and rich when mixed with water and I perfer it with water anyway.

Mixability - 9.5/10 - Blender was perfect, I take into consideration people who do not use blender and I can see some issues, thus no 10/10. But in a blender you will have no problems and surprisiingly this did dissolve much better then alot of the chocolates and other flavors I've had in the past.

Nutrition - 9/10 - Really, the macros arent the best thing in the world if your looking for a "low carb" MRP but it isnt horrible at all. Sugars aren't really that high to moan about IMO and there are no HFCS and the fats used aren't trans or hydrogenated. They include some Fiber and a decent blend of vitamins as well along with a relatively low cholesterol count, and sucralose is used as a sweetener as opposed to aspartame. If you can fit this into your diet I see no reason not too. Pretty nice blend of proteins and fats and some carbs for a decent MRP or nighttime shake.

OVERALL: 9.5/10